RenWeb Faculty Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the RenWeb Faculty Login:


Here are the steps to follow to login:

  1. The first thing you have to do is to copy and paste the RenWeb Faculty Login page URL: onto the address bar of your web browser. Simply highlight the link provided, right click it and with the drop down list that appears click Copy. We use this method since it proves to be a great hassle if we input the characters of the link one by one onto the address bar. After copying the link, go to the address bar of your web browser, right click the empty text field and with the drop down list that appears click Paste. When the link is successfully copied and pasted, hit Enter or click Go.
  2. Once directed to the page, a login section greets you where you will have to input essential information such as your district code, username and your Password.
  3. Start logging in by first inputting your District code on the first text field. Make sure you do not commit any mistakes when inputting the information to avoid any errors that might delay you from accessing your account.
  4. After inputting your District Code, move on to the second text field and input your Username. Do not make mistakes in inputting your Username information.
  5. Then on the third text field input your Password. Be wary of the case letters you are using since the password is case sensitive.
  6. You may click the Remember My Login details so that you won't have to input the information all over again.
  7. Lastly, click the Login button  to access your account.


Encountered Login troubles? Reset your Login details:

  1. On the same page of RenWeb Faculty, find the Forgot Username/Password? link and click it if indeed you are having troubles logging in.
  2. Once the link is clicked, you will be directed to their reset page. You will be asked to input your District Code and your email address.
  3. Input your district code and your email address to its respective text fields.
  4. Lastly, click the Reset Password to recover your Login details.

Exhausted all efforts but still cannot access your account? Contact RenWeb Faculty:

Make a call!


Fax: 1-509-267-2209

Write a letter!

PO Box 1622, Burleson, TX 76097


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